The Top 6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing in San Francisco

What is the safety rating of this neighborhood?

One should always be thinking about the security of the place they are considering purchasing. Not only is it a large investment, but, potentially, that is the home that one’s family will find themselves living in. For example, living in Mission Bay is very different than living in the Sunset District. When looking at a new area, you should ask yourself: “Do I feel safe in this neighborhood? Would I feel safe in this neighborhood at night?”

How far is this property away from work? Family? A good park?

Knowing how easy one’s access will be is important when it comes to lifestyle, time spent commuting, and time spent with family. More than you would expect, you will want to know if you have always to take a car to work or if it’s possible, you can take alternative means of transportation such as a bus, MUNI, or BART. Furthermore, if one likes engaging in fitness activities outside, they would need to know how “walkable” the neighborhood is as well as how bikeable it is.

Do I want to be able to walk to grocery stores & restaurants?

Access to groceries, restaurants, and food is incredibly important. If you live in a food desert area, then it probably takes gas to get you to a grocery store or restaurant. This means that it is more expensive to live farther away from a grocery store. Thus, when looking into a new neighborhood, you should check if that particular location is close to a commercial corridor.

Am I located on a busy street?

What are the schools like in this neighborhood?

For those who are hoping to start a family or already have children, the question of the school system they will be entering is of utmost importance. This is particularly true for those moving into larger cities, as in places like San Francisco, where the schools are on a lottery system that is built to maintain equal diversity in schools.

What is the climate like in this neighborhood?

When you are considering buying in a new neighborhood, you want to explore around and, probably, ask around about how people enjoy living there. While we don’t have an easy access tool to answer this question, it is still an important one, as it has to do with the lifestyle and culture of the people who could be your close neighbors. You can also check social media or news reports about the area to see what is a common occurrence or event.



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