How to Read San Francisco Real Estate Disclosures

What are Disclosures?

Disclosures are a set of documents put together by the listing team and sellers to disclose all of the known information about the property. Disclosure packages include inspection reports, advisories, floor plans, compliance documents, and anything else that the seller or agent has provided.

Notable Documents within a Disclosure Package

San Francisco Seller Disclosure

Within this document, the sellers are to legally disclose everything known about the property. While very similar to the Transfer Disclosures [Link to CA Disclosures], this document is filled with more information. Like the Transfer Disclosure, it is important to read to see if there are any additional features or quirks about the property that inspectors may not be able to note. The San Francisco Seller Disclosure covers:

  • Statutory and General Disclosures
  • Neighborhood Conditions
  • Property Conditions, Past and Present
  • Inspections, Reports, Notices, Plans, and Disclosures
  • Eviction History
  • Common Law Disclosure

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Report

An example of a UST Report

3R Report

This document provides a quick snapshot of what permits were pulled for this property and includes a status to show if it has been completed or not. This report is only found in San Francisco and other permits not listed can be found on the SFDBI website. Other cities won’t have it in this format but will have their own permit lookup websites.

  • A “C” or “Completed” status means that the work has been completed with a final inspection by the city.
  • An “I” or “Issued” status means that a permit was issued and the work is to have a final inspection to change to a completed status.
  • An “X” or “Expired” status means that a permit was issued and expired before the work had a final inspection.

Water & Energy Compliance

  • Proof of compliance has already been recorded.
  • The building was granted a building permit for its construction on or after July 1st, 1978.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, buying a house is a complicated and confusing process that can make a buyer feel overwhelmed and anxious. With a load of paperwork to review and process, not everyone feels up to the task. What is most important in the buying process — and what Atlasa aims to do with all its clients — is that one is informed and confident in their decision. All these forms, disclosures, and documents are meant to give a buyer everything they need to know and then some. At Atlasa, we understand the difficulty of going through this process by yourself, and thus, we aim to help clients through it all. To read more on disclosures on a state-level, check out our article on California Disclosures, which addresses the Bay Area as a whole and is not limited to San Francisco. To learn more about Atlasa or to get in contact with an Atlasa agent, visit or email



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